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Fall 2024 Information


Birth Year Age Group
2020 Kindersoccer
2018-19 U7
2017 U8
2015-16 U10
2013-14 U12
2010-12 U15

U8-U12 Players Must Attend 1 Eval:

U8 - July 15 or 22
U10 - July 16 or 23
U12 - Julyl 17 or 24
All sessions 6:00-7:00 PM

Fall '24 PRICING

$85 - Kindersoccer (U6)

$125 - U7- U10

$135 - U12 and Older

* $100 Refundable Volunteer Fee
One  Per Family
(See Below)


July 14th, 2024

Late Fee:

$5 / sibling after 1st registration

Season Information:
Games:  Sept - Oct
Practice: late August (weather permitting)

Volunteer Fee Information

The past several years, the board members in charge of Field Maintenance, Concessions, and Fundraising have been overburdened due lack of volunteers.

This season, we are trying out a $100 / family Volunteer Fee.  Before the first game, all Tri-City families U12 and under (who play at Kotecki Park) will be required to turn in a check for $100, made out to Tri-City Soccer Association.

As a club, we will supply ample opportunity to volunteer, including (but not limited to) coaching, fields, concessions, and fundraising. When a member of your family volunteers for the designated time, your check will be handed back to you!  Checks will not be cashed until the end of the season, ONLY if you chose to not volunteer.

The truth is - we don't want your money!  We need your help!  We are actually hoping that we don't cash a single check.

The official wording you will be asked to agree to in your registration:

I hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined in the Volunteer Fee Agreement for Tri-City Soccer. I understand and accept the requirement to contribute to the successful operation of the program through volunteer service.

As a part of this agreement and my child's participation, I agree to provide, at the request of Tri-City Soccer, a personal check in the amount of $100 per family. Upon my completion of the designated volunteer service, this check will be returned. I acknowledge that the purpose of this fee is to encourage and ensure active participation in supporting our soccer community.

I understand that volunteer opportunities may include, but are not limited to, head coaching a team, concession stand participation, field maintenance, and other tasks as determined by the soccer club's coordinator. I commit to fulfilling my volunteer duties in a timely and responsible manner.

I am aware that failure to complete the required volunteer service may result in the forfeiture of the refundable fee. Additionally, I understand that the volunteer fee is separate from any other registration fees or costs associated with my child's participation in the soccer program.