Frequently Asked Questions

Before sending an email - check to see if we already have an answer to your questions below!

I would like to get involved.  Who do I contact?

You can reach out via any of our social media page (facebook, instagram) or to our president, Shawn Guido (

My child needs to be on the same team as another child.

Please specify that during the registration process and the reason why.  We make every effort to keep children in the same household (in the same age group) on the same team.

I would like to sign up for soccer.  When are practices?

We understand that you may be curious as to when practice nights are as players are usually involved in other activities that coincide with the soccer season.  We can not guarantee specific practices nights as it at the coach's discretion.  As our coaches are volunteers, they need to ensure that practices can fit into their schedule.

I am able to begin the registration process but am unable to complete.

If you have made it to the website that allows the dropdown to pick a season and age group, then registration is open.  If you are having problems and are using a mobile device, please try on a pc or mac.  The registration website does not always work properly with mobile devices.

The website indicates that registration is closed.  Can I still register?

Possibly.  It would dependent on multiple factors including age group, availability, number of coaches, etc.

What is the difference between "In-house" and "Travel"?

The answer to this only applied to U10.  There is no difference for any other age group.  The U10 level is unique in that it offers 2 different leagues. The "In-house" league is run by our local PA West office and is geared more towards fundamentals and players learning the game. While there is still travel involved, the distance is typically slightly less that the actual travel team.  The "Travel" league is a traditional competitive league run by PA West and is where more seasoned players typically play.

How many days per week will my child practice?

Our general rule for practices is dependent on the age group that your child is in.  Kindersoccer does not practice and will only play on Saturday mornings.  U8 teams will typically practice one day per week for one hour and play games on Saturday's.  U10 and above will typically practice 2 days per week for 1.5 hours each and play at least one game on Saturday or Sunday.

Will I receive a new uniform each season (spring and fall)?

New uniforms are only provided for players in the Fall.  Players who did not play in Fall will receive a new uniform in the spring.  If your child(ren) needs a new uniform AND they played, you will need to reach out and purchase a new one.  This does not apply to Kindersoccer as players get a new shirt every season.

How are teams assigned?

Tri-City's approach to creating teams is to combine players of all skill levels on balanced teams.  Every fall, Tri-City will hold evaluations so an understanding as to each player’s skill level can be established.  Once complete, each player will be categorized with other players of similar skill level.  Prior to the season, Tri-City will hold a draft for each age group and coach.  The draft will operate in a snake format with each coach making a player selection during their turn.  Having each player evaluated helps each coach understand where a player’s skill level is when creating their team.  This is especially important for coaches who may not be familiar with each player.

I would like my child to be on a different team than they are drafted.  Can you move them?

Tri-City does not move a child to a different team than what they were drafted from.  Moving players between teams can be disruptive for parents and families, who may have already made arrangements for practices, games, and other team-related activities.  Also, moving a child will require the displacement of another player.

Can I move my child up to the next age group even though they are too young?

Each player is different so there is no "one size fits all" answer.  The best approach is to discuss with their current coach and a member of the TCSA board to see what options there are.